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Radon is a gas produced from the radioactive decay of uranium that occurs naturally in rocks and soil. Although radon is chemically inert and electrically uncharged, it also is radioactive, which means that radon atoms can spontaneously decay and might damage cells when inhaled or ingested. Outside air contains very low levels of radon, but indoors the gas builds to higher concentrations. Radon is also found in ground water tapped by wells, which supply about half the drinking water in the United States. Ground water moves through rock containing natural uranium that releases radon into the water. Water from wells usually has higher concentrations of radon than does surface water such as lakes and streams.
National data on radon distribution across the United States indicates that the northern United States and some areas in southern states tend to have higher than average indoor radon, while New England states and some areas in the Southwest have higher concentrations of radon in water.

radon removalThe Bubble-Up® Interactive™ lets you know what is going on.

• Pressure gauge
• Flow direction arrows
• Digital flow meter (pictured)
• Status lights when to change battery
• Optional blower alarm add-on available

• Triple safety water alarm valve (pictured)

1. Overflow water stop
2. Leak water stop (top and floor sensor)
3. Plugged vent water stop

• Triple back up water alarm valve

1. Battery back up
2. Float backup
3. Solenoid backed up with motorized ball valve!

• Dimensions

Bubble-Up Interactive

Depth: 30” Width: 25” Tank Height: 41” Overall Height: 60”

Bubble-Up Junior Interactive

Depth: 18” Width: 24” Tank Height: 41” Overall Height: 60”


Your water is aerated and blown into the
inside cup. Radon is bubbled up and out.
Your clean water overflows the brim of the
cup, and a built-in pump automatically
delivers it to your home.

Water Alarm Valve           Digital Flow Meter


For routine service, the Bubble-Up® Interactive™ Meter Control automatically reminds
you when to perform routine maintenance. The Meter Control is the key to safe performance.

Then, when faced with safety issues like radon vent obstruction, high water and even
leaks, the Bubble-Up® Interactive™ Water Safety Valve automatically shuts down and
sounds an alarm even when the power is out!

Bubble-Up® Interactive™ Simple Installation

Pipe in & Out Plug In:
2- 1” NPT Water Connection
1- 2” PVC air out connection
1- 1.25” NPT overflow

Plug In: 1- 20 AMP 115V quadplex receptacle

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